Our Team


Bike Zone has been around for 8 years and we are proud to be able to say that we built our shop from the ground up. Our family owned business had its humble beginnings we have come very far and grown so much. We are 100% dedicated to our all of our customers cycling needs. We work our hardest to provide a great experience and make sure that everyone who steps through our doors leaves satisfied.

Our team focuses on the needs of our customers and really strives for perfection in everything we do. Not only does our team strive to help but we are also bike enthusiasts ourselves! This gives us the riding experience to really understand the needs of our customers. From mountain biking on the weekends to participating in the Tour De Mesa, our team is full of hands on experience that really serves to give us a great understanding of all things cycling. And the fact that we are a family owned business allows us to work excellently as a team.